Turkey Day

So, it's turkey day, and we actually have a turkey. Well, ok it is only a turkey breast. But still, we haven't had a turkey on Turkey day since um ... 2003.

Now I am remembering why (besides the fact that we couldn't find one).

What temperature do we cook the turkey at? How long do we cook the turkey for? GACK!

We found everything. We know what to do. Now we just need to do it.

For once, I am looking forward to cooking. It will be the warmest spot in an otherwise fairly chilly boat! So, I have a few hours yet before I start cooking, so am relaxing and goofing off.

Happy Turkey Day!
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Birthdaze or I wanna be Peter Pan

I turned 35 this week. the cynical side of me popped up and thought Gee, you are now middle aged, if the average life expectancy for a man is 70.

sheesh. I told the cynical side of me to shut up and go away. It's funny to make that transition from always being the youngest person in any group of people to being somewhere in the middle of a range. While I realize that it is all a part of 'growing up' it still takes some getting used to.

So, until I can find Tinkerbell, and the island of lost boys, it is something to get used too.

Life is going well, if a bit on the busy side. Getting back in to the swing of work while balancing the boat, a social life (that doesn't revolve around the boat) and a relationship makes me wonder how we ever managed everything before we went cruising.
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It has really been forever

Time has a way of speeding up when you aren't looking!

I started a part time job a few weeks ago. However, due to the ramp up for the internet site I am working on, I am actually putting in quite a few hours. When it is ready, I will post the link. In the mean time. Suffice to say that the concept is a pretty cool one. I am using an e-commerce site builder to get the initial site out; however, I will be building an e-commerce site, pretty much from the ground up for the ultimate site that the company wants to put together. This will be a real challenge for me. I wanted to ramp up my skills. I guess I should be careful of what I ask for!

Otherwise, we are enjoying ourselves and getting to know some of the folks in San Diego. Nothing much else is going on.
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A post about nothing

This is a post about nothing. There really hasn't been anything that has caused me to want to write. We have been having fun, and enjoying ourselves. Though, on a humorous note, everyone that we talked to about coming to the pacific said that it was a great place to be. The winds are ok, if sometimes light, but the seas are more comfortable. The only thing no one mentioned was how COLD it is! This is AUGUST, and we are sleeping with blankets on the bed. During the day we have our hatches barely cracked to get some fresh air and have to cover up with blankets!

Evangelical Christian Support of Israel

I just saw this on ABC News. It was a story on support for Israel in what is going on in the middle-east right now. Apparently, there are many evangelicals that are praying for Israel, since what is happening right now has been prophesied in multiple parts of the bible.

ABC News, in trying to be fair asked the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. how he feels about this unexpected support since the end of the prophesies is that the Jewish people either end up dead or converted.

His response was priceless! "When the Messiah comes, we will ask him, are you coming or returning? His answer will tell all of us if everyone will be Jews or not."

What a great response. You really can't argue with that logic!
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Things to make you go Hmmmmm

We were watching the local news the other day, and were astonished to learn that ComicCon is the largest convention in San Diego, and the Gay Pride Parade is the largest parade here. Wow.

It is simply hard to believe that these are the two biggest events in San Diego.

Medical research

I find it appalling that the future of medical research is being dictated by some yutz who won't permit fertilized eggs that are going to be destroyed anyway to be used for something that has so much potential to help humanity. For a government that is based on the principle of separation of church and state, why is the future being dictated, not by sound judgment, but by pure religious conviction?


Life without internet access on the boat

It has been almost a week since we have had internet access on the boat. The biggest difference, for me, is that I miss the capability of checking my email whenever I want to. Yes, it's nice to have access to some of the resources out there, and to be able to look something up when I have a question. However, for the most part, internet access is more or less, simply another entertainment outlet.

Fortunately, thanks to Sailmail, I do have email access via our High frequency, Single Side Band. If we didn't have that, it would be ... more difficult. As it is, there isn't, truly, a whole lot that I miss not having internet access on the boat.
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5000 miles and a year in the making

Well, it is official now. We have our anchoring permit from San Diego, we have our cruising permit from Customs, and we are anchored in the 'cruisers' anchorage in San Diego bay.

It all started a year ago when we were sitting in Aruba. We needed to do some TLC projects to the boat, so we were trying to figure out where to go. We decided then to check out the west coast of the U.S.

With that simple decision, we started a trek that has been filled with new sights and sounds, amazing experiences and a great deal of learning about ourselves, our boat, and the world in general.

We have often questioned the wisdom of coming through the canal instead of returning to the areas we already knew, never more so than Saturday, when we came up against the bureaucracy of both the U.S. government, and more importantly that of the City of San Diego. However, if we don't go outside our comfort level to challenge ourselves, we don't grow.

We spent a day and a half in bureaucratic limbo, which isn't bad, considering what it could have been, and what other people have experienced. Fortunately, Monday, we resolved both issues. San Diego made an exception to their "no anchoring for boats over 65 feet" rule, and dealing with Customs to get the cruising permit for our boat was basically painless.

So, now we are sitting in the 'cruisers' anchorage in San Diego relaxing, enjoying hanging at anchor again.
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Floating *yay*

We are floating again! The two most difficult times have got to be hauling, and launching. It is at that point that you are watching your home being transported in a sling to and from the water. Anything could happen!

But, it went smoothly. There were no problems with our dripless shaft seals, new thru hulls, or engines when we started them to maneuver out of the haul out slip.

Everything is now taken care of, and tomorrow we head to San Diego, completing a plan that started almost 5000 miles and 1 year ago in Aruba. We didn't quite make the planned location of Seattle, but it is a little to cold for us to make that drastic of a change so quickly. So, maybe next year we will head to Seattle.

It's nice to be floating again, with the boat in it's natural environment, having, once again, all of those things that people take for granted such as running water, a bathroom, showers and the ability to cook (ok, that one isn't quite the bonus of the others, but after a month of eating out, I am looking forward to cooking again).

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